Types of Services


Write your own vows

Personalized vows written for you

Humor and personal memories can be included

Religious or Non-Religious Ceremonies

Blended religious  ceremonies to fit your needs

Unity Candle

The bride and groom or other members of the wedding party light the unity candle representing the unity of your marriage

Sand Ceremony

Two different colors of sand are combined in one bottle representing the unity of your marriage and that it is impossible to separate the sand once it is combined.  This ceremony is also heart warming when children of the bride or groom are included, bonding them to the family.  Couples will be presented the bottle of combined sand as a keep sake and reminder of their unity.

Flower Ceremony

Flowers are presented to the mothers of the bride and groom.


Vow Renewal Ceremony

A wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary or reconfirm your commitment of a marriage that has been through troubled times

Mothers First Last Kiss

This is a tribute to the bride and grooms mothers.  A very touching and sweet ceremony.

God’s Knot 

The bride and groom each take turns tying a knot and making a promise to each other.  It makes a wonderful keepsake.

Wish On A Pebble or a Shell

Everyone receives a pebble/shell that they make a wish on and put in a vase as a keepsake for the bride and groom.  Everyone is responible for contacting the bride and groom on their first anniversay to tell them what was wished for them.  If were at the beach everyone lines up and we throw the shells into the water together.

Love Letters

Each of you write a letter to each other and we seal it in a container to be shared on your 5th anniversary.

Blessing on the Rings

Those present at the wedding each make a blessing on the ring, or just have a select few make the blessing.

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