Can you accomidate short notice?


Wedding kiss in Corpus Christi Texas.

I received a call from a bride a couple of weeks ago.  She asked if we could meet.  I told her that I was in line at Toys Are Us and that I was next in line and if it would be ok if I called her back when I got in my car.  Once I was in my car I called her back, told her where we could meet and she said that was fine.  Then she asked me…can you marry us when we meet?  TODAY?  Yes, laughing she said.  I then asked if they had their marriage license and if it had been more than 72 hours since they got it and she said yes.  So, I said YES I can marry you today. I met them 10 minutes later and they said their vows and were married.  It was all said and done within 45 minutes of the first phone call.  What a cute couple, they were so happy!   So can I accomidate short notice-YES!

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